Honolulu Pedicab offers a relaxed work environment, flexible scheduling, a great workout, and an opportunity for pedicab operators to earn good money. Please note that Honolulu Pedicab is not an employer. Pedicab operators are contractors just like taxicab drivers. Operators lease the pedicab and agree to follow certain rules and regulations.

No previous experience is necessary as training will be provided upon hire.

In order to ride for Honolulu Pedicab you need to obtain a Pedicab Operators Certificate from the Division of Motor Vehicles and Licensing.

To apply for a Pedicab Operators Certificate you need the following items:

1.       Hawaii State Drivers License

2.       Social Security Card

3.       General Excise Tax License

4.       Traffic Abstract

5.       3 Passport Photos

If you’re interested in riding for Honolulu Pedicab, please send us an email at info@honolulupedicab.com, or a call (808) 226-4490.